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Friday, March 18, 2016

"Philosophize This" Podcast

Check out this outstanding and enjoyable philosophy podcast. It starts with the Presocratics and the latest podcasts deal with Marx and Kierkegaard. philosophize this


Anonymous said...


¨Derrida put Heidegger in a New Left context and explains him in a postmodern way, thus perverting the main structure of his thought. As a liberal, Rorty is absolutely inadequate to deal with Heidegger, because their basic ideological situations are opposed and his interpretation of Heidegger is a caricature.¨


Anonymous said...

And again:

¨About Rorty I have explained earlier. His pragmatist liberal American reading is very superficial, indeed. Heidegger rejected liberalism and mocked pragmatism, calling them Planetär-idiotismus. Planetary-idiot Rorty`s reading of Heidegger is quite idiotic, as is fitting. It has no value at all in understanding deep Heideggerian thought. It is ridiculous.¨

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