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Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Later Heidegger" podcast by Sean Kelly

Harvard Professor Sean Kelly has his 2008 course titled "Later Heidegger" available on audio. Kelly was a student of Dreyfus and gave a guest lecture for Dreyfus' "Merleau-Ponty" class.


An interesting side-note is that Kelly is teaching the "Man, God,and Society" and "Existentialism in Literature and Film" courses at Harvard. Those are not currently available as podcasts.


foundrysmith said...

Looks like a great series of podcasts! I seem to have the devil's own time getting them to play. What software are you using? These files do not seem to download to my desktop, nor can they be opened with the suggested software, or even in iTunes. Maybe you are using a mac?

BH said...


I'm saving them onto my Gateway and the iTunes converts them for me. I've listened the first two and Kelly follows Dreyfus fairly closely; he even uses the example of the Japanese baby and the people of Bali. Kelly has a very clear and succinct style of lecturing. I hope you can figure out a way to get the lectures.

foundrysmith said...

Thanks Brad, I finally figured out how to get the job done. For some reason, the usual "save file as" did not appear when I clicked on the link, but when I hit the "save link as", then the file downloaded. Gotta luv technology, even when the problem is nothing technological.

Anonymous said...

I must thanks all the people contributed here. As from here, I know Drabinski's lecture (excellent and clear professor!), some later work of Heidegger by Dreyfus .......and now Pro. Sean Kelly!!!!
Your work will never be forgotten!!!

Anonymous said...

Here are the links for the audio recordings of Daniel Smith’s lectures on Deleuze that he gave as a part of the Collegium Phaenomenologicum 2009, which was directed by Peg Birmingham. Unfortunately we couldn’t record the second half of the second lecture, but all the rest is available , yet feedback is obvious.



foundrysmith said...

I got through the first lecture, very interesting topic and speaker. Takes a while to tune out the background ringing in 1stDay lecture, but worth the effort. Was inspired (with a 30 percent off coupon, of course) to get a copy of Anti-Oedipus.

foundrysmith said...

Professor Galloway is giving an interesting course now on Heidegger & Deleuze, you can see the outline at the following link:
I emailed him to see if it is being podcast, but sadly it is not. Maybe next time!

Matthew said...


I'm a graduate student enrolled in a course on the later writings of Heidegger, and I was hoping you could help me in getting a hold of Prof. Dreyfus' podcasts. The torrents I've come across all appear to be dead.

If you can, e-mail me at mbc11@duke.edu


Anonymous said...

Some great lectures courses on Kant and Hegel are available here:


If the link doesn't work, just search "Richard Dien Winfield" on archive.org

Full courses on the Critique of Pure Reason, Hegel's Science of Logic, and The Phenomenology of Spirit

andré said...

Incredible directory! Thank you so much. Bravo!