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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Session 2008: Later Heidegger

We are planning a very busy summer session for the Discussion Group in Second Life.

The focus will be Later Heidegger. We will use both printed reading material and audio lectures from past courses given by Bert Dreyfus (see right side panel under Webcasts). Please join us!

* May 31 What is Metaphysics? and On the Essence of Truth
* June 7 The Origin of the Work of Art
* June 14 Letter on Humanism
* June 21 Basic Questions of Philosophy
* June 28 The Age of the World Picture
* July 5 The Way Back into the Ground of Metaphysics
* July 12 The Question Concerning Technology
* July 19 The Thing
* July 26 Building Dwelling Thinking and What Calls for Thinking
* August 2 Language and The Way to Language
* August 9 Contributions to Philosophy
* August 16 The End of Philosophy and the Task of Thinking

There is more info at the wiki. You will want to check out the Summer Session Chart for week by week details.


Anonymous said...

I just found this site and am looking forward to joining in the summer session. Would anyone be interested in working in discussions of some Terrence Malick movies? Dreyfus mentions Malick every once in a while and The Thin Red Line and The New World have later Heidegger all over them.

BH said...

I think that would be a great idea. We have a lot scheduled meetings during the week so fitting in a discussion Malick's films should not be a problem. I have not seen "The New World" yet, but I plan to very soon. Another movie that comes up in the webcasts that we might want to discuss is "Babette's Feast".

Dasein said...

I invite you to read my recently posted blog "The 'Leap'" at http://beyondheidegger.blogspot.com. It might clear a few things up for you, add to any confusion you may have, or you think you may not have any time to read it. Read it anyway, I think you will enjoy it. You will especially enjoy my reference to Hubert Dreyfus.

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