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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Being & Time Revisited

For some reason I was clicking on bookmarks from yesteryear, and came across Sean Kellys Fall 2009 podcasts on Being & Time out of Harvard. Hooray! I enjoyed his lectures on "Later Heidegger" which were brought into the clearing on this blog last year....In my opinion, his presentation is every bit as good, maybe even clearer (in some parts) than what we got out of Dreyfus at Berkeley.

...Yet the distinction between Dreyfus & Kelly is justified only on the condition that this is kept constantly in mind: only by way of what Dreyfus has taught does one gain access to what is to-be-taught by Kelly. And the teachings of Dreyfus seemingly become more accessible when it is explained by Kelly...

Or so I hope. Just downloaded the first 3 lectures, and am ready to go!