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Monday, January 28, 2008

Second Life Informal Meet & Greet

Although the virtual discussion section last Saturday night went far better than the first, we still had a number of communication issues that got in the way of the conversation. Some people came through loud and clear. Others were on the faint side. Still others couldn't join in at all, as they couldn't get their microphones to work. And trying to keep up with comments in the scroll box wasn't all that enlightening either. It seems that we need a little more time in the simulator figuring out how the interface works!

So why not have a virtual pot luck? This Wednesday night, same time (6pm Pacific), same place, and we can take the time we need to get more familiar with the tools available to us. And also teach each other how to communicate (by text and or voice) effectively within small groups, as well as to the group at large. We'll try to cover the basics, like enabling voice, instant messaging, passing note cards, and whatever else we can think of to facilitate the flow of ideas. Once we are comfortable with the tools and techniques in Second Life, we can then concentrate on discussing the podcasts.

I am bringing a brand spanking new headset/microphone, and ideas to share!


Karl Tyson said...

See you there, Hammerer! Or, more exactly, see your avatar there...

cathy from saint paul said...

I was thinking of buying a microphone/headset, but have no idea what I need to get. I have a new Macbook.

anyone have any ideas of what I should look for and where would be the best place to shop--radioshack?


Karl Tyson said...


Radioshack would have it. But so would the electronics section of your favorite X-Mart store - with the phones and CD players.

Good luck!

foundrysmith said...

I think most anything will work that the X-Stores have in stock. I would be a little doubtful of the wireless headsets (a friend of mine was having trouble with his, anyway). Mine happens to plug into the sound card on my desktop, but they also have ones with a USB jack that are probably more useful from computer to computer. I am something of a chiseler, and did not want to spend much more than 25 bucks anyway!