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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Movie Night

This is film week in Philosophy 7. I know that some have already seen The Third Man and others are planning to. So I would like to suggest that we make this the topic of our discussion at our next Saturday meeting. According to Dreyfus, the film deals with the teleological suspension of the ethical as well as the themes of lower immediacy, the universal and of course, higher immediacy or the "Knight of faith". This would give us plenty to discuss and since people will be viewing the movie, this is a good time to discuss them.

Some of us may have some problems getting our hands on the film. My Blockbuster doesn't seem to recognize that films were made before 1990. Also couldn't find a copy at my local library. But Dean told me that most libraries have interlibrary lending and I am going to try that. But even if I fail to see the film, I would enjoy a discussion focused on these important topics in Fear and Trembling.

I know that Dreyfus won't be discussing the film this week as his students will be viewing it Thursday. But the 06 lecture is available. It is sometimes interesting to listen to these to hear the changes in his views. As he stated, his opinion of what nature symbolized in Hiroshima Mon Amour completely reversed. This is one of the things I love about Dreyfus. He seems to embody "an open head turned towards the world".

Again, since people are making an effort to see The Third Man now, it just seems like a good time to focus on Fear and Trembling and the topics listed above.

What does everyone think? If agreeable, I will pop the popcorn, get some milkduds and soda and see y'all Saturday night.


Mr. S. Impetus said...

i'd totally be up for that. i've already seen third man. it's a great movie. orson welles, man.

foundrysmith said...

I think that's a great idea. It looks like we will be wrapping up Fear and Trembling this week, so we should have all we need to have a good discussion. I see Amazon has the Third Man available both used and new if folks are running out of options at the local library or video store, starting at about 20 bucks.

Dasein Muppy was able to save our discussion from last Saturday night as an Instant Message file (you can get this while you are logged into Second Life in the Group "Dasein", by copying with the SL toolbar and Pasting with your word processing toolbar). I think this will be useful to review, and provide additional fodder for next Saturday, especially for the 189 crowd

Anonymous said...

Hello this is johnjoe.I live in France and the time zone is SL/ Pacific Time +9.So the 6PM discussion starts for me at 3AM.I would like a time slot on Sunday around 1 or 2PM,which would correspond to late Sunday evening for me.The discussion is very interesting and keeps me motivated during the week.

Karl Tyson said...

johnjoe -

If you look at the Second Life section top right side of the blog you will see I have scheduled a europe-timed discussion for both Saturday and Sunday at 12:00 Noon Pacific Time. That should be 9:00 PM for you. Will that work?

This is a test - better times and days may be discovered as we go. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The European times are perfect for me,thanks,so I'll be there next Saturday,

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