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Sunday, May 18, 2008

This should be useful for the summer study course:
Hubert Dreyfus and Ken Goldberg, Spring 2006
Questioning Efficiency: Human Factors and Existential Phenomenology
Audio lectures by Dreyfus on "The Age Of The World Picture", "The Question Concerning Technology", "The Thing", as well as on Borgmann and focal practices, and Foucault and
docile bodies.


foundrysmith said...

Also a podcast from "Discourse on Thinking", a 14 page memorial address in honor of the German Composer Conradin Kreutzer is available in this lecture course.

c h said...

Thank you for the above post added. I have a question: concerning about the BT information, there is no response for these days, I am not sure it is my computer problem, or the files cannot be download?!
Do you know if there is another way to download? e.g eMule for us?
Thank you!

Karl Tyson said...

c h:

I have also had trouble downloading from that page.

I find I can download one mp3, and then I cannot do any more - it acts like it is downloading but it stalls out. I have to close the web page, come back later, and I can do another one.

Please try again and let us know what happens. Does anybody else have similar problems or know what's wrong?