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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall 2008: Schedule and Classes

Hello everyone! Those of us who participated in the "Later Heidegger Immersion Course" over Summer 2008 are still trying to regroup, recover, and recharge, after having shined, gathered, appropriated, and just plain thinged our way through it all, and just in time for more fun philosophy therapy this Fall 2008. Everyone out there interested in Dreyfus and his teaching on existentialism and his focus on Martin Heidegger are encouraged to join us.

Schedule: First and foremost, check the Second Life meeting schedule which is now posted on the right side. We have dropped all Saturday meetings, and we will only meet on Saturday or Wednesday if there is a pre-arranged informal, or specially announced meeting. All regular discussion meetings are now on Sunday, with three time slots allocated. Our hope is that everyone can attend at least one of these three.

Classes: We will be following this year's Phil 6 - Man, God and Society lecture series, which we expect will be podcast and posted on the UC Berkeley website. The class should start soon, and we will post the download information as soon as we have it. We will also post a schedule for a study based on Dreyfus teaching Heidegger's Being and Time Division I, from Fall 2007. See you there!

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