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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Philosophy 25 A

Looks like Berkeley is rolling out another course, Ancient Philosophy, which will give us 3 podcasts per week! Looks like we can have as busy a semester as we want.


BH said...

The ancient philosophers come up a lot in the podcasts and at meetings. I am really looking forward learning more about the dawn of the tradition that Heidegger's work attempted to overcome. Hopefully the professor will be as engaging and stimulating as Dreyfus.

Looks like we will be taking a full load this semester.

foundrysmith said...

"Lecture (2) not available due to copyrighted material" - I wonder what that is supposed to mean? If the Crito was written in 360 BCE, and most stuff written before 1923 CE is supposed to be in the public domain ... who vetts this stuff anyway? Maybe the Trustee's are worried about the corruption of young minds....

Mark said...

does anyone know if 189 The Origin of the Work of Art” in the Context of Heidegger’s Later Thinking is being podcast? I couldn't find it. Emailed Dreyfus and no response.

Mark Savoie

Karl Tyson said...


There was an announcement (I can't find the link now) that explained that because that Dreyfus class was a seminar limited to 20 students, the room would not be fitted for recording - thus no official podcast.

Most of us think a recording will slip out at some point in the future.

Mark said...

thanks karl

I will look for the bootleg.


foundrysmith said...

Here is the note from Dreyfus last June:

"Unfortunately,only the large lecture halls are wired for podcastng and the MH/Holderlin course is limited to 20 students,so I can't podcast it."

Here's the link for the course, http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~hdreyfus/189_f08/pdf/PHIL%20189Syllabus.pdf
looks like it is similar to the "Later Heidegger" on bittorrent, except lots more Holderlin. Hope the lectures slip out soon!

Anonymous said...

Did you eventually get the later Heidegger course from bt and how?
c h

Anonymous said...

Yes, I downloaded Later Heidegger lectures from 2001, and the link is on the right side list.

I had to research a little about the bittorrent world. To download a bittorrent you need a bittorrent client. There are many freely downloadable to choose from. Follow the directions for locating and downloading. Mine took most of a 24-hour day, but I have a slow connection. The client will also uncompress the lectures onto your computer, hopefully in good listening form. Since I don't do much with it, I uninstalled my bittorrent client after this adventure, and will just re-download and re-install next time I need it.

Hope that helps. k t

Anonymous said...

Your instruction and recommendation are extremely useful and eventually I got it!

c h

Anonymous said...

Regarding to the post on Wednesday, April 9, 2008 ,Ska -Ska -Skunked Again , I would like to know, up to now, is there any back up tapes/mp3 available to download for the missing audio files found in Dreyfus course on 189, Div II of Being and Time?

c h

foundrysmith said...

I believe what exists has been posted for 189. Unfortunately, the main recorder and the backup recorder always went down simultaneously - the room was not really podcast enabled, and they evidently had no end of technical problems with their portable devices.

Anonymous said...

Oh! What a bad news!
Anyway, thanks foundrysmith!
c h

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