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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Being & Time Revisited

For some reason I was clicking on bookmarks from yesteryear, and came across Sean Kellys Fall 2009 podcasts on Being & Time out of Harvard. Hooray! I enjoyed his lectures on "Later Heidegger" which were brought into the clearing on this blog last year....In my opinion, his presentation is every bit as good, maybe even clearer (in some parts) than what we got out of Dreyfus at Berkeley.

...Yet the distinction between Dreyfus & Kelly is justified only on the condition that this is kept constantly in mind: only by way of what Dreyfus has taught does one gain access to what is to-be-taught by Kelly. And the teachings of Dreyfus seemingly become more accessible when it is explained by Kelly...

Or so I hope. Just downloaded the first 3 lectures, and am ready to go!



BH said...

Thanks Dean! I agree, Kelly is a great compliment to Dreyfus.

BH said...

Dean, you inspired me to see if I could find any of Kelly's other courses that have been podcast. Here is what whooshed up:


This is his 2006 course titled "Existentialism in Film and Literature." That has a familiar ring to it.

foundrysmith said...

Thanks Brad!

4 lectures into B&T and very pleased with the quality of the podcasts. Interestingly, we seem to hear better than the people in the room, at least when the air conditioner is on.

I see I will have to dig out my copy of Fear & Trembling among other things after I get through B&T, with the link you have posted!

Recently been reading a bit about Dilthey, seems some of his ideas are very Being & Timely - hoping to explore that link while I go over B&T with Kelly

sonika said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excellent contribution of Sean Kellys'!
Do any of my friends know Sean Kelly"s Philosophy 237-Merleau-Ponty podcast?
I heard 2 of his guestlectures from 2005 Dreyfus's podcast.
I know I am navie, but how can you guys find his podcast? just for curiosity ..

BH said...


I originally found Kelly's "Later Heidegger" podcast when I checked out his home page at Harvard.

That page hasn't been updated in about two years (things move more glacially in the ivy league I think)and I just assumed that the other courses listed on his page weren't available in podcast.

When Dean posted Kelly's "Being and Time" lectures (I would also like to know how you found that Dean) I thought that maybe there some hope that there were others so I started searching.

I began by plugging Kelly's course listings into Yahoo . When I entered "Humanties 14 Existentialism in Film and Literature" I got the hit on the feed. I couldn't get anything for the "Merleau-Ponty" or the "Man, God, and Society" courses.

I have tried to find a way to get a listing of all the podcasts available on Harvard's isites but have so far been unsuccessful. I wouldn't be surprised if some more Kelly's lectures were listed there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for your prompt and valuable response.
Google cannot find even the Kelly's course "Humanties 14 Existentialism in Film and Literature". Frustrating..
Did any of you listen to Caputo's?
He is great in addressing one issue and comparing it with different p.o.v. (different philosophers), while Kelly is very good in dwelling the depth of problem.

BH said...

Here is the website for the film "Being In The World." I wasn't aware of this film until I discovered it when searching for Kelly's lectures.


I haven't had a chance to listen to Caputo's lectures yet but I have it on my summer to-do list.

Anonymous said...

Thanks thanks and thanks for your input!

Anonymous said...

Dreyfus critque of Habermas,watch