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Monday, December 3, 2007

Open Invitation to Contribute

I do not consider this "my" blog, even though I started it and right now I am the only one writing it.

If you are interested in this subject, its your blog too. I would suggest that you start out by leaving a comment, however brief. If you want to post a regular blog entry I will need to add you to the list of authors, so you will have to (1) get an account here, and (2) transmit your info to me so I can add you.


Karl Tyson said...

OK, I am commenting on my own entry, just to see if it works right...

woadwarrior said...

Karl, a virtual discussion session for Dreyfuss' "outside listeners" is a great idea. Sign me up! I'm going through the Heidegger series of lectures and readings now (v e r y s l o w l y). It might help to organize the discussions around specific lectures. Cheers, Ray

Corvid said...

Karl, Thanks for setting this up! I'm also working through the Heidegger course (just done the first two lectures and some reading so far). I wonder if a wiki would be a good space for course-related material? That would make it easy for people to work at their own pace, but still share information and ideas.

Karl Tyson said...

Hi woadwarrior Ray and corvid. You are the first guests here. If you want to *initiate* posts let me know (I will just try setting it up for woadwarrior).

I am also working through the last half lectures of two classes. I did all of Phil 7 - Western lit, and am working through Phil 8 - existentialism and Phil 185 - Heidegger. I think I will finish them before next semester and then I'll go along again for the ride.

I have really wondered how to best organize topics for discussion. I think talks about specific lectures or segments of lectures would be great. What ones would you like to do?

A wiki is a great idea. I could do it, but if you want to start one Corvid, I will support and help populate it. I've done quite a bit of Dreyfus research and added a little to the Wikipedia article.

Anyway, thanks!