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Monday, December 3, 2007

Textual vs. Virtual Discussion Spaces

It seems that there are now multiple formats available for interacting as a group online. I would like to hear any comments from others about how a purely text-based format like this blog compares to the virtual reality model available at sites like Second Life.

The limitations of this blog site will no doubt quickly become apparent. As a programmer, I am sorely tempted to develop some custom discussion website that would adapt better to the task at hand, but I also know that 90% of success is using the KISS principle wisely. At this point, it is critical to keep everything as simple as possible. So this Google-ized blog seems best for starters.

I have experimented with Second Life, and I think it has great promise for promoting interaction in a more natural setting than posting to an electronic bulletin board. On the other hand, I have been more impressed with the busy trendiness and virtualized materialism of the Second Life paradigm than with its uplifting aspects. But I would like to try it when there are more interested students willing and available for that level of experiment.

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