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Thursday, February 7, 2008

On the Road with Second Life

Had another virtual run last night in Second Life. My internet connection at home was knocked out during the recent storms, so I had to give it a go by driving into town to a coffee shop (with wireless internet), and a 2 year old laptop. I am glad to say that things went reasonably well, given the mobile nature of the interface. The most important factor in getting voice enabled on my machine was setting the voice and audio options on my computer's operating system, and then fine tuning within the Second Life environment. I also had to make sure that the microphone was closer to my mouth, and was able to determine this while I was setting the thing up in the Windows environment. Bottom line is that I could hear and be heard on a common machine and connection. Unfortunately, I wasn't on the Left Bank at some Parisian cafe, but I could have been!


foundrysmith said...

We had another productive discussion session last night in Second Life. Although more folks were voice enabled, the chat bar was preferred. To me, it seemed to work out very well. Heidegger was the man of the hour, although Kierkegaard, Deleuze, Lakoff and Bourdieu also made appearances in the chat bar. Not sure if this was a “Soup to Nuts” or “Smorgasboard” discussion of Existential thinking, but never-the-less we were able to carry on a coherent conversation! Looking forward to seeing what’s on the menu next week.

Karl Tyson said...

I'm glad to hear you guys had a good discussion! I had a very slow internet connection Staurday evening and could not join you. I hope I can get it resolved and be there next time.