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Monday, February 4, 2008

Report: Feb 2 SL Discussion Meeting

The meeting last Saturday night went well. About eight to ten avatars showed up. We seemed to have fewer technical problems, with a few exceptions. I encourage you other webcast listeners who were there to comment on this post, with your own perspective on the event.

The main part of the discussion was on the topic: What is the difference between Kierkegaard's and Heidegger's version of "taking a stand." It ended up being a good question to shoot to Dreyfus for clarification!

We tried out some new procedures:

1) We met in the "Sandbox" area of EdTech, right next to the garden spot, rather than the boardroom of the Lodge. This reduced the "object overload" problem, but some strange distractions in the form of virtual gypsies whooshed up. This is not the best solution to the location problem, but a start.

2) We alternated between keeping the discussion in text chat mode only, then going to voice. Over half the attendees did not have voice, so these periods equalized the discussion. It worked, but expect the voice vs. text issue to stay with us.

3) We picked a topic and pretty much stuck to it. This helped us avoid having many separate strands that everyone has to keep up on, which makes the chat history feel like spaghetti. It might be good to keep topics pertinent to the week's lectures, and to have a few topics loaded up before meetings, so if you have any please post or send them!

We have lots of other issues to iron out - such as schedules, locations, etc. I expect Professor Dreyfus (Farnsworth Roux as an avatar) will attend future discussions when he can. Some of us will do Wednesday night practice meetings - join us then if you can.


foundrysmith said...

I think the attendance at the discussion sections seems to be growing, we seem to be off to a good start! And the sand box area also did reduce the overhead, judging from the Second Life Statistics Meter. I also favor the idea of an informal meeting midweek, Wednesday may work for many folks, and also by that time we may have had a chance to hear the first weeks podcast in Philosophy 7, or the Heidegger189 from the previous week. It would also be a chance to get more people voice enabled, so we can do more talking than typing.

I have been trying to summarize some of my impressions on the podcasts on my own group page. It seems to work for me to listen to the podcasts, and then try to write down what I think is going on, and maybe speculate on where we are going. I think if my pod mates were also to have postings on their own pages, and we were to “make the rounds” of each others postings, and we would get an idea of where we all were coming from. That way, some exchange of ideas could take place prior to the discussion session, where they might be further clarified. I am not sure that an hour a week in a virtual discussion session will be enough time to cover all the material, especially if you are as new to this as I am!

BH said...

I think it went well. It will only get better as we become more familiar with Second Life and one another.

In the noozit interview, Dreyfus castes serious doubt and apprehension on the use of Second Life. While I think his points are valid, what alternative do we have? Any set-up we use other than actually physically meeting is going to have obstacles and limitations. But, again, what alternative do we have if we want to be involved in a discussion concerning what we are listening to and in many cases reading? I don't think the intention of this group is to live a virtual life rather than a meaningful real life. I actually believe that we are here to enrich our real lives. If Second Life is the best and most practical way for us to meet and discuss, then in this context I am all for Second Life. I'm not sure, but wasn't Dreyfus the one who steered us to Second Life?

I thinking sticking to topics from the lastest podcasts is a very good idea. Personally, that would allow me to be more prepared to comment and ask questions.

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