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Monday, March 24, 2008

State of the Blog

Hello Everyone!

Karl here. I just finished a quick cleanup of some of the blog sections. I took a back up first, so if you miss some resource you expected to find, please email me and I will send you what I can. Several sections are gone. The Frappr map is now a link rather than a live Flash program.

For those who are browsing or checking back with our discussion group, there's lots going on that does not necessarily show on the blog. We are having intense and rewarding one- to two-hour discussions in Second Life, often in voice, but sometimes still by texting. There are four or five of us who meet every week, sometimes several times, and we have been able to hold lively, deep, enlightening, challenging talks about many topics having to do with the Dreyfus webcasts, and existentialist philosophy, and related subjects like history, culture, religion, virtual reality, and laundry. Actually the laundry was just thrown in to see if you are awake.

The momentum seems like it will carry into the foreseeable future with a combination of independent study, long-distance friendship, shared resources, and good discussions. Please join us if and when you can!

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foundrysmith said...

Things are certainly getting pretty lively, especially in the voice sessions. Sunday afternoons have been pretty consistent, and Saturday evenings as well (usually text). There is a lot going on in the temporality part of the course. Alas, the previous two podcasts which deal with the topic are occurrent as opposed to available! The Outer Circle consequently needs to take a stand on its own edification...