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Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Program in Second Life

Next time you log into Second Life, you may find that you need to download a 35 Mb program file to get back in (I could NOT log in with the existing program Saturday night). Evidently, there was a major crash on Saturday, and things are still being worked out. I got back in Sunday morning, although my avatar looks something like a headless scarecrow that has been through a shredder at the local meat packing facility. Kinda cool actually, I might keep it! I do have a head that seems to be floating in my midsection, happily spinning around and occasionally darting out "peekaboo" . Halloween come early. Hopefully things will be back to normal this afternoon and evening!

1 comment:

Karl Tyson said...

Hi Dean,

I actually got the download before Sat night's meet, installed, and managed to log in on time, and we had four of us (Dahr, Dashda, johnjoe and DaseinTao) there. Sorry you missed it! But the rebooted Second Life was not supporting voice. Anyway we had a good discussion, and hopefully Sunday will be better - though I may miss the Noon meet due to real life. See you later.