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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ska -Ska -Skunked Again

Whatever happened to the staff of experts that was supposed to be making sure that the Dreyfus 189 lectures would be available to the podcast community? Are they too busy girl watching to push the on/off button on a recording device? Or are we so entrapped with cheap foreign technology that breaks down at an inappropriate time in an inopportune way that we fail to make the occurrent available?

Evidently, Heidegger never typed any anything out, but gave his manuscripts to his affable brother Fritz, who typed them up. As a result, he was more familiar with his brother's work than most professional philosophers of the day. He did have a habit of stuttering when he got serious, hence the da-da-sein came into the world.

Fritz, where are you now? We might do better if someone would take their lecture notes and nail them to a tree.


Anonymous said...

I asked Prof Dreyfus if they had any back up tapes, he found sound and will post them on the site

Andrew (Bill93)

Anonymous said...

I am preparing to study Div II of Being and Time. , Regarding to the missing mp3 in UCB, I would like to know when and where will these back up tapes be posted?

c h

Karl Tyson said...

c h,

I am not sure any of the other members have more info than I do. If so I hope they speak up. I just checked the UC Berkeley podcast site listed on the right side for Div II last Spring semester, and the lectures are still missing. I don't know if Andrew Bill93 did not manage to do it, or what. Sorry this does not help - we all missed the lectures unhappily...